Pre-Contract Cost Estimate / Budget Costing

It is important that a customer preparing to undertake a build project has a clear budget in mind and
the desired design must meet the budget expectations. With a wealth of knowledge in industry costs Kent is able to provide an estimated build cost at the very early stages of the the design process –including highlighting any construction risk. He is happy to work with designers, builders and home owners to provide the cost and tailor the design to ensure it will meet the customers budget requirement.

Build Contract / Tendering

Kent will work with builders and their sub-contractors to provide a fixed build contract price and outline any contract conditions to ensure both parties, the builder and property owner, are clear on the cost and the inclusions in any build contract. Clarity between the home owner and builder is essential in any project and contract.

Post Contract Services

Cost management during construction is vital to ensure a project stays on track. Kent can assist with progress valuations as well as cost to complete valuations Contract variation administration is also a necessary part of the construction process and Kent will ensure all variation costs are captured accurately and clearly.

Home owner Services

Typically home owners undertaking a build project do not have a lot of experience in the industry and a home owner representative can be essential to any project. As well as initial budget costing, Kent can assist with assessing builders tenders / costing at both the pre contract and the construction stages - to ensure the home owner is supported, informed and protected from unnecessary costs at all times.